最高品質 冷凍 対馬金穴子 こだわりの製造工程

Tsushima suisan provides hige purity domestic frozen anago with extreme freshness under our 9 policies unlike those processed for simmered anago or tempura.
Anyone can easily make a Shira-yaki grill of a first-class Japanese restaurant

①Carefully selected ingredient

 Currently the catch of anago is Nagasaki prefecture 1st place, 2nd place Shimane prefecture 3rd place Miyagi prefecture. (FY 2016 data)
Anago is mostly produced in area of Setouchi, Nagasaki, South Korea and Peru, but anago, which can be taken off Nagasaki prefecture offshore Tsushima, swiftly swims and make its body tightened because of the speed of the ocean current and the area where Tsushima current flowing, between Tsushima and South Korea, is composed of terrain and geology suitable for the inhabitation of anago, so plankton occurs in large quantities and marine products such as deep sea sardines to feed. As just discribed, the well-grown anago in the optimum environment with its abundant baits in the sea of Tsushima are highly evaluated when it has a superb taste as it is thick and good fatty.  


②Traditional cage fishing

By Tsushima traditional cage fishing, anago can be caught alive and harmless unlike seine fishing.
Also, unlike seine fishing, by catching fish one by one with a special trap, we will be able to let small anago go without landing, and ecosystem can be protected.


③Live fish ship in alliance

Setting fishing cage in the morning and take that 4,5 hours after it.
It takes for 3 days to process over and over.

④Direct purchase from harbor

We buy fish directly from fisherman and process it in local fish factory.

⑤Letting fish spit sand and bait

letting anago spit sand and bait in fish tank.

⑥Ikijime for freshness

Ikijime anago to keep it fresh.

⑦Filleting fish with head remained

Ikijime fresh anago and sorting by size.

⑧Domestic factory

Processing and shipping from local foctory in Nagasaki Tsushima.

⑨Direct shipping

Direct shipping from our factory.

※OEM / retails is avairable.
Please feel free to contact us.

For instance: back cut open / belly cut open / filleting with head remained or without head / simmered anago / cut simmered anago / addictive-free sliced simmered anago / frozen sushi / gift / mail-order / chilled food / frozen food / exportation

最高品質 冷凍 対馬金穴子 こだわりの製造工程

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